Partnership emails to collaborate with influencers

How to frame your collab proposals as a win-win so they're excited to work with you.

Written by: Sapphire Li, BA

Communications specialist, 8+ years writing and copywriting for companies
Let's collab!
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Template: ask an influencer to promote your product or service

Subject: Tours for long layovers: clever travel hack, earn 10% commissions
Hey [First name],
Been following your travel hacks for a while.1
How about this one:
Save money on flights with long layovers and explore a new city 🙂
That's what we do, tours for people to see a lot of city highlights during their layover (minimum 8 hours).3
・Airport pickups and dropoffs to maximize time
・Really knowledgeable guides
・Operating in 10+ popular cities and expanding to more

Think this could be interesting for content and we can set you up with a referral link to earn 10% commissions.4
Can we jump on a call?5
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1.   Show them you're familiar with their content.

2.   Describe your product or service, framed in terms of what their content is about, to show them its relevant for them.

3.   Share a few highlights of your product or service that would be most interesting for their audience.

4.   Explain how they can earn money and if possible, offer to set it up for them to make it easier.

5.   After mentioning what they'd get out of it, ask for a call to get the ball rolling.

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Template: how to ask an influencer to become your product ambassador

Subject: Exclusive invite: become our brand ambassador
Hey [First name],
I discovered your yoga videos a while ago and love how you incorporate meditation into your flows.1
Over at Saskira, we create yoga and workout clothes with figure flattering designs and practical features like small zip pockets.2
I'm excited to invite you to become one of our paid brand ambassadors.3 Perks of being a Saskira Sister:4
・you'll receive Saskira clothes before public launch
・we promote our ambassadors on social media and website so your audience will also grow
・you'll be invited to exclusive events and sometimes we fly out Saskira Sisters to different locations for photo and video shoots
・your own personalized affiliate link where you'll earn a percentage of every referred sale
If this sounds interesting, let me know when you're free to chat?5
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1.   Comment about their content to show them that you're familiar with their work and you chose to reach out to them because your product or service is likely relevant for their audience.

2.   Briefly describe your product or service by highlighting a few of its standout features to show them they'd be promoting something really cool or helpful.

3.   Invite them to become a brand ambassador. This sounds more appealing for influencers and comes with better perks and a longer term partnership.

4.   List what the influencer would get out of being a brand ambassador. Make it all about them to pique their interest about becoming one.

5.   Ask them to jump on a call with you to learn more.

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How LaserAway asked Ariana Grande to be their paid spokeswoman

After Ariana Grande accidentally had 'small barbecue grill' tattooed on her finger in Japanese instead of '7 rings', LaserAway offered removing it for her for free in exchange for a photoshoot or video and offered to compensate her for promoting LaserAway. TMZ also posted LaserAway's proposal on their website so even though Ariana didn't end up taking up LaserAway on their offer, their business got pretty good publicity from piggybacking on the tiny barbecue grill meme.

LaserAway's partnership email to Ariana Grande

LaserAway is the nation's leader in laser tattoo removal and we know Ariana Grande has been "grilled" over the meaning of her new tattoo. Luckily mistakes can be lasered away by one of our trained clinicians, so that she can start fresh with that 7 rings tattoo she intended.

We would like to offer Miss Grande complimentary laser tattoo removal treatments at any one of our 46 locations and also a paid position as a LaserAway spokesperson. We would like Miss Grande to participate in one photo/video shoot at one of LaserAway’s state-of-the-art locations to obtain content for LaserAway’s use in social media, print, and viral media outlets. We would also request that Miss Grande post one photo or video per month of the LaserAway content to her own social media account for a twelve (12) month consecutive period.

For the above services, LaserAway is offering to pay a fee that would be commensurate with her “A-List” industry stature and celebrity reach that will be similar to rates she has been paid for similar work she has done. Additionally, LaserAway will pay for first class air travel for four people, including 5 star hotel and exclusive ground transportation and HMU of her choice while working with LaserAway.

LaserAway, the nation’s leading aesthetic dermatology group, thinks that Miss Grande could influence people to be empowered to erase unwanted ink just as she motivates us all with her killer singing voice.

Thank u, next tiny barbecue grill.

Todd Heckmann

Template: how to ask an influencer to host a giveaway of your products

Subject: Self-care subscription box giveaway for your audience
Hey [First name],
I'm Sarah from Joy. We offer a monthly subscription box of self-care products that help you relax, feel better and take time for yourself. Think your audience will love it.1
Here are some goodies that were featured in last month's box:
We're excited to offer 3 one-year subscriptions to your audience as giveaway prizes. All they have to do to enter is sign up for the giveaway (we set you up with a unique page) and you can add a condition as well, like they have to be subscribed to your channel.3
Think this would be a great perk for your audience and it'll boost your numbers as well.4
Can we jump on a quick call to discuss?6
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1.   Introduce yourself and briefly describe what your product or service is. Make sure you're reaching out to influencers whose content and audience is relevant, so the influencer is more likely to say yes and you're more likely to get customers from putting yourself in front of their audience.

2.   Share an interesting detail of your product or service to show them it would be cool to promote it.

3.   Describe what giveaway prizes you can offer to their audience and how they can enter to win. Throw the idea out there they can add a condition to grow their audience as well.

4.   Spell out what they get out of this to excite them about the possibility.

5.   Ask to jump on a call to get the ball rolling.

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