Template for influencers: reach out to companies you want to work with

Don't wait for your favorite companies to discover you! You can message their Director of Partnerships or Director of Marketing to get paid promoting a product or service you love.

Written by: Sapphire Li, BA

Communications specialist, 8+ years writing and copywriting for companies
Look how hyped I am holding a pen, imagine me with your product!
Subject: Your backpack would be a hit with my frequent traveler audience
Hey {First name},
I'm Carrie, the creator of Wanderlust, reaching frequent travelers across 50k+ Youtube subscribers and 30k+ Instagram followers.1 Your anti-theft backpacks would be a hit with my audience who'd be able to use it on their upcoming trips.2
Here are a few ideas of how I can share Verve:3

・Youtube video and reel about how to stay safe while traveling with realistic, firsthand experience tips.
・Reel about how to pack a travel backpack sped up to a viral song.

Here's one of my reels to give you a sense of my style and engagement:
Can we hop on a call to see how we can collab together?5
Youtube: @wanderlust Instagram: @wanderlust
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1.   Introduce yourself, your niche and the size of your audience right off the bat so they can know immediately if you're a good fit.

2.   Mention their product or service would be interesting for your audience and work in why they're likely to engage or buy.

3.   Share a few ideas of how you'd incorporate their product or service into your content so they can easily see the potential of working with you.

4.   Link to one of your favorite short content pieces so they can quickly see your style.

5.   After piquing their interest about the possibilities, ask them to jump on a call to discuss more.

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Here's how Nathan Latka stayed for free for three nights at Bisma Eight in exchange for posting some content about it.

Zach  <[email protected]>
to Robbie Woodward

Hi, I'm Zach,

I would love to take some photos and share my experience on my account which gets engagement from celebrities and successful entrepreneur friends in exchange for complimentary nights at your hotel in your best room for January 22-27th, 2017, two people, plus anything else you would like to offer (airport transfer, food, spa experience etc etc).

We can do the following:

1. Create One (1) positive instagram post per complimentary night (min of 2 nights) 2. Create One (1) positive review (5 star) on Trip Advisor and Facebook.

Our social media channels are @nathanlatka, @mygoodtravel 2

Million+ reach on Instagram with a special concentration on influencers in Hollywood. Demo: 70% female age 18-40 in the United States (85% US followers and 15% European followers).

Our posts will hit the top posts of all of Instagram. So when people search #balihotels #bali, #balispa, etc etc, they will see my post first. They will click on my picture, look at the caption, click on your Instagram page or website which will create more leads and sales for you. I've worked with everyone from the Four Seasons & Sheraton to boutique hotels, villas and resorts like Hotel Villa Carlton in Salzburg, Hotel Muse in Bangkok, Mandala Spa and Villas in Boracay and many more.

Please let me know if you need any references etc, thank you very much!

How the managing director of the hotel replied to confirm the influencer collaboration.

Re: Personal email
Robbie Woodward  <[email protected]>
to Zach

Hey Zach
Do you mean us Ohana? Or Bisma Eight?? Either way that would be awesome.
Also please accept this email as formal confirmation of stay for Nathan Latka.

Influencer exchange of:
3 night stay in Canopy suite
17th – 20th February 2017
Inclusive of daily breakfast
1 x evening dinner

In return for:
1 x daily post on IG during stay - @mygoodtravel
1 x post of IG after stay (max. 2 weeks after) #throwback - @mygoodtravel
1 x TripAdvisor Review for Bisma Eight
2 x Snapchats
2 x IG Stories

Can you confirm that Nathan would like to go ahead with this?

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