How to follow up during the sales process to keep the momentum going

Written by: Sapphire Li, BA

Communications specialist, 8+ years writing and copywriting for companies
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Template: how to follow up after a discovery call to move the sale forward

Subject: Re: our call today
Hey [First name],
Great chatting with you! Here are some key points we went over.1
・ We automatically track all visitor and user actions. This means if you decide an action is important later on, you can access all of its historic data.
・ No dev work or coding required. You can define important actions to track them by clicking on parts of your product in the visualizer. Or you can define them by clicking on auto-tracked events in an user's profile.
・Create funnels to see how visitors are moving through your website and where they are converting.
Example funnel: referral source Google -> sales page → clicked on the testimonials section → clicked on the signup button → signed up

Based on which data you mentioned were most interesting for you to know, I can create a custom walkthrough for your team to show how you can use different reports to get actionable insights. This usually becomes a brainstorm that sparks quite a few new ideas.
You can 1-click a time that works for your team here:
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1.   Keep the momentum going by messaging them after the call, and make it helpful for them by sharing key points you guys went over so they can easily reference them or share them with their team.

2.   In your discovery call with prospects, ask questions to learn more about their challenges and goals related to what your product or services help with. This lets you focus this followup email on how your product or services solves their challenges or achieves their goals to reinforce its value.

3.   Ask your prospect to take the next step, framed in terms of the value they'd be getting out of it.

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Template: how to follow up after a product demo to move the sale forward

Subject: Re: today's call - summary of how to grow your GMV
Hey [First name],
Great going over Swell with you!
Here's an overview of a few key points we covered about growing your GMV.1
Ultra personalization
・ Personalize messages with user data or use conditional tags to send different content based on user data
・ Send messages within hours of when each user has opened or clicked on messages in the past
Useful, actionable alerts to improve your campaigns
・Alert if the open rate of an automated message is declining
・Alert if there's a spike in unsubscribes
・Alert which campaigns have the highest open and conversion rate for the week
Next steps
I can set up a trial for your marketing team so they can explore Swell.
Can you share their emails?
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1.   Set up the email as a summary of the key points you went over in their call. This gives purpose to your follow up and keeps the momentum going.

2.   Share the features of the product they were most interested in and how they'd be able to use it to reinforce how it would help with their work and business goals.

3.   Mention the next step and make a clear ask to move the process forward.

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Template: how to follow up after meeting someone to build a relationship

Subject: Came across this interactive exhibit you might like
Hey [First name],
I remember you mentioned liking interactive exhibits. I saw this show is coming to New York where you go through multisensory rooms that recreate a born again feeling:

Sounds like your taste buds will be pleased!
How's the email project coming along?
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1.   Find something cool related to an interest your prospect mentioned and share it with them to reopen the conversation.

2.   Ask them about something they mentioned they're working on related to your product or services to set up talking about your product or services next time.

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