What should I say?

Proven templates for tough situations and requests.

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How to sincerely apologize for bad customer experiences1 template
Cat with begging hands to represent apologizing to a customer
We made a mistake
Cold emails to slide into someone's inbox5 templates
Penguin sliding on ice to represent sliding into someone's inbox with a cold email
Don't mind me, just sliding into your inbox
How to give feedback to a colleague over a minor, repeat issue1 template
​Man looking astonished at a long piece of paper stretched over a desk, to lightheartedly represent a list of complaints about a coworker
Here's everything you do that bothers me
Freelance dry spell? How to land paid work fast4 templates
A plant sprouting through a crack in the pavement to represent landing paid work after a dry spell
Money can grow anywhere you water it
How to follow up during the sales process to keep the momentum going3 templates
Sponebob looking excited at an annoyed Squidward walking by, this is what happens when you follow up without giving them a new compelling reason to reply
Just checking in, your mom asked me to
Influencers: how to reach out for paid collabs without getting ignored1 template
A woman excitedly holding up a pen, to lightheartedly represent influencers being able to sell anything
Look how hyped I am holding a pen, imagine me with your product!
Proven cold email templates to get new clients5 templates
Make it rain, by proactively reaching out to clients
Partnership email templates to collaborate with influencers3 templates
Let's collab!
How to cold pitch investors and raise a seed round4 templates
🎡 Take a chance on me πŸŽ΅
Land press coverage, even if your product or story is "boring"5 templates
You and your team after getting featured πŸ˜€
How to follow up to revive prospects gone cold5 templates
Meet my prospect gone cold
How to ask for client referrals, without feeling awkward4 templates
I'm gonna cut to the chase, I need a big favor
Got something to sell? Try a letter style sales email2 templates
Uplevel your sales game