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“What should I say?” There are so many ways to say something, yet some approaches work a lot better at getting our points across and influencing the outcome than others. Art of Say shares templates that give you a clear idea of what to say and how to say it so you can easily adapt it for yourself. We take the guesswork out of putting theories to practice.

All of our templates sound like something you'd really say. Our litmus test is, "does this sound like how you'd talk to someone in a real life conversation?".

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We believe communicating well is not just about affecting outcomes, it's about giving yourself the inner peace you said what you meant, in a way that was aligned with your values. This makes it easier to accept outcomes you didn't hope for or expect, which can happen regardless of what you say.

The nuance of words
The nuance of words
The nuance of words
The nuance of words

We're obsessed with the nuance of words to convey the right meaning and feeling. Even one word over another can make a huge difference. Let's take nice and kind for example. Though they have very similar meanings, kind comes across as a warm compliment while nice is loaded with baggage about the downsides of being too nice.

What obsessing with nuances doesn't mean is putting lipstick on a pig. People usually see right through this. For serious or hard topics, it's about being clear and honest about what you mean, while not sounding harsh, alarming or accusatory.

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