What should I say?

Proven templates for tough situations and requests.

How to announce you're removing or downgrading product featuresNew1 templateNew
Nervously checking online reviews in a yoga position
First step: be clear about what's changing
Cold emails to slide into someone's inbox5 templates
Penguin sliding on ice to represent sliding into someone's inbox with a cold email
Don't mind me, just sliding into your inbox
Freelance dry spell? How to land paid work fast4 templates
A plant sprouting through a crack in the pavement to represent landing paid work after a dry spell
Money can grow anywhere you water it
How to sincerely apologize for bad customer experiencesUpdated1 template, 1 example Updated
Cat with begging hands to represent apologizing to a customer
We made a mistake
How to reply to good and bad online reviews6 templates
Nervously checking online reviews in a yoga position
Checking online reviews be like
How to cold pitch investors and raise a seed round4 templates
🎵 Take a chance on me 🎵
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Good communication isn't about...

Putting on a spin to control or manipulate anyone's reactions. It's about conveying your points sincerely, fairly and engagingly, to break through possible defensiveness, preconceived ideas and yes, flat out disinterest. It's about giving your message a chance, the best chance, to be heard with fresh ears and an open mind.

You don't have to professionalize what you say just because you're writing for an audience or something important either. In fact, the more formal it sounds, the less likely people are to believe it, understand it or engage with it. Our litmus test is, "does this sound like how you'd talk to someone in real life?".

We create templates to show you the tone and approach of what to say in different situations, so you can easily adapt them for yourself.

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